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Philippine 3.5MW Metal Roof Project - CHIKO Metal Roof Solar Mounting Bracket


in recent years, renewable energy has developed rapidly. This is undoubtedly a more important moment for solar mounting bracket manufacturers like CHIKO Solar. As early as the development of CHIKO, the Philippines has become an important market for ph... more>>

India 10MW Large-scale Ground Power Station - CHIKO Solar Mounting Bracket Piling system


India has abundant solar energy resources and is a country with great potential for solar energy development in the world. Affected by the policy, the Indian PV market has developed rapidly in recent years. Since its development in 2010, Ch... more>>

China 10 MW Metal roof Solar mounting bracket Project from CHIKO ——Winner in the typhoon "Mangk


China 10 MW Metal roof Solar mounting bracket Project from CHIKO Winner in the typhoon Mangkhut Challenge CHIKO Solars 10MW project in Guangdong, China in mid-September 2018: Meeting the violent attack of the typhoon Mangkhut, the solar mou... more>>

China 173 KW Carport Project- CHIKO Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System


China 173KW Project - CHIKO Waterproof Carport PV Mounting System Project Location: Wuhu City, Anhui Province,China Installed capacity: 173KW Time: May 23, 2018 Solution: Waterproof carport solar mounting system CHIKO Carport solar mounting... more>>

China 5.6MW Metal Roof Project - CHIKO #22 Raiing Solar Mounting System


China 5.6MW Metal Roof Project - CHIKO #22 RaiingSolar Mounting System Project Location: Juhua Group Comapany, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province,China Roof type: Trapezoidal sheet metal roof Capacity: 5.5902MW Time: June 30, 2018 Solution: CHI... more>>